Wages [noun]

Definition of Wages:

payment for work

Synonyms of Wages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wages:



Sentence/Example of Wages:

Then you could have stayed in the factory, and got your wages regularly every week.

So I am to report my discharge to you, and ask you for my wages.

Do not show yourselves ungrateful to the Corn by denying her servants their wages.

The next spring he hired me regular and give me wages every month.

I now got my wages for the Canton voyage; but they lasted me only a fortnight!

If his ship is lost, his wages are safe; and if he gets hurt, he is pensioned.

It'd be charity—for I've proved I can't earn my wages; and I haven't come to that yet.

He desires for the Crispins all the wages they can manage to get.

The guardian of the pass paid him his wages and dismissed him.

All the wages Nikita earned went to his wife, and he raised no objection to that.