Wagon [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wagon:

The horses were hitched to the wagon, which still contained the tent and fittings.

"You are housed but just in time, my young friends," said the master of the wagon.

"I shall say just how it all happened, that we quarreled, and upset the wagon," said Sami calmly.

Sami's bundle was thrown into the wagon and the boy seated on it.

Si sed: "Yas; counted 'em on the wagon, counted 'em off agin, and counted 'em when I made 'em."

I could push the wagon about with one hand, so light was its structure.

Perceiving a stranger in the wagon she paused, with a look of embarrassment.

Mary went swiftly up to the wagon, and laid one hand upon the wheel.

Presently, the man entered who had brought Raby home in his wagon.

It's about the only way we could transport it, as the trails are too narrow for a wagon.