Waif [noun]

Definition of Waif:

lost or unclaimed person or thing

Synonyms of Waif:

Opposite/Antonyms of Waif:


Sentence/Example of Waif:

I am such a waif and stray everywhere, that I am liable to be drifted where any current may set.'

Sitting in the sheets, I turned over in my mind all that this waif had said.

When he took refuge in the Vatican he must have been clinging to some waif and stray of hope.

Edwin said she should be called Waif, and Waif she was ever after called in that house.

Mrs. Barry bit her lip and did not love the waif the more that she had been able to defend her.

My waif was curled up in my kimono, feeding my fan-tailed goldfish.

I have become a rover and a waif, and I feel as lighthearted as a boy.

My husband told me all about your help and your kindness to our Waif.

Waif, who was slowly recovering, grew pathetically fond of his rescuer.

Meanwhile we has a good chance to inspect this waif that's been sort of wished on us.