Wailed [verb]

Definition of Wailed:

cry loudly

Synonyms of Wailed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wailed:

Sentence/Example of Wailed:

Hippy said he pounded and shouted and howled and wailed and pounded some more.

"Oh, it makes me so lonesome when you sing that way," wailed the Little Colonel.

"But Papa Jack would die befo' he'd take help from you," she wailed.

The watchers wept and wailed at first, and then fell to eating and drinking.

"Tom don' want to go to the poor-farm," he wailed piteously.

He wailed away, filling the air with prophecies of doom and disaster.

She needed him, she wailed; he was her life, her all; she should die if he left her.

"This but makes my burden heavier, my responsibility greater," she wailed.

"If you will do it, Dic, if you will do it," wailed Mrs. Bays.

"She's ashore already," he wailed, trying to tear himself away.