Wainscoting [noun]

Definition of Wainscoting:


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Sentence/Example of Wainscoting:

Wet the wainscot all over with a brush dipped in the mixture, and when dry, rub it bright: this will give it a fine gloss.

If he should come to wed my daughter after pinning me to the wainscot of my own hall may I be for ever damned.

The wrench upon it had already pulled the bodkin from the wainscot.

Then opening a door in the wainscot near the fireplace he flung it in.

And with a crayon he made drawings on the wainscot of the room.

The carpet was of a biscuit colour and covered the room flush to the wainscot.

If open, I walked round and round the room, brushing the wainscot with my tail.

She remained standing, leaning with her shoulder against the wainscot.

In the wainscot of the room a deathwatch ticked its doleful omen.

When my grandfather died I had the wainscot door cemented in.