Wainscotting [verb]

Definition of Wainscotting:

put covering inside object

Synonyms of Wainscotting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wainscotting:


Sentence/Example of Wainscotting:

The walls of the room have a 3-inch baseboard, but no wainscotting.

Mr. Parsons in vain took down the wainscotting, to see whether some mischievous neighbour produced the sounds.

Wainscotting with compartments rise to the sills of the windows, and is continued to the high pace.

The inner seats for these were often part of the wainscotting, and in any case there would be no passage behind them.

You may as well go down to the kitchen for a pail of hot water and begin with the wainscotting in the hall.'

The mantelpiece was wooden, and the chimney corner decorated with shelves painted like wainscotting and doors.

They accordingly returned to the corridor, where they set to work once more to over-haul the wainscotting.

Every panel of the wainscotting seemed as hollow as its fellow—each projection as firmly secured.

Above the wainscotting, the walls and ceiling are finished in plain plaster with walls painted mauve and the ceiling white.

At the same time the wainscotting painted in 1580 with inscriptions and heraldry was cleared away and replaced with cement.