Waistband [noun]

Definition of Waistband:

supporting band

Synonyms of Waistband:

Opposite/Antonyms of Waistband:


Sentence/Example of Waistband:

You touched a spring in its waistband and it flew open, and then it was a workbox.

I carry it now inside my waistband so they will have to pull me to pieces to get it.

Then he stuck his regular gun into his waistband on the left.

He tore off the waistband button in his haste, brushed his coat, washed his hands.

But it was gone, and he stuck back in his waistband his useless revolver.

The waistband, which was too wide, Gaskill doubled over and pinned it.

The left leg of his trousers was rent from knee to waistband.

He wears a waistband now, and has begun to dye his whiskers.

His revolver had been tucked mechanically into the waistband of his trousers.

He walks, his thumbs, on both sides, just resting on the waistband of his pants.