Waiter [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Waiter:

As the waiter would have refilled the glasses, Blythe stopped him.

Away runs the waiter to the bar, and gets the ale from the landlord.

I had given tea and a teapot, with instructions, to the waiter.

No cover for one, nor filet, nor vin ordinaire, nor waiter had appeared.

But then one rarely does in talking to a waiter when he is serving you.

My waiter shrugged his shoulders, his face still impenetrable.

"Anybody can move that waiter that's a mind to," she said, tremulously.

With a deferential flourish the waiter brought him the menu-card.

From a little distance his waiter regarded him, with an air of disappointment.

Abruptly the man turned in his chair to summon a waiter, and exposed his profile.