Waiving [verb]

Definition of Waiving:

give up; let go

Synonyms of Waiving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Waiving:

Sentence/Example of Waiving:

This is not the point before me; but, however, I waive that objection.

"Well, we can afford to waive it," said counsel, with a superior smile.

"We might waive the formalities in the interests of justice," purred the Lieutenant.

But the urgency that his task dictated caused him to waive the point.

Very honorable indeed; but at this moment we must waive a punctilio.

Let us waive the attempt on my life; no more shall be said of it.

This is not his privilege, but the privilege of the client, and none but the client can waive it.

It would be very unreasonable to expect him to waive his claim.

Your right is obviously a debatable question; we will waive it, if you please.

In coming to us he tenders us an advantage which we should not waive.