Waken [verb]

Definition of Waken:


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Sentence/Example of Waken:

I am sorry to waken you, Sidney, but I don't know what to do.

I doze for a little, and when I waken there are people in the room.

Maria had warned her not to waken her grandfather, so she admired it in whispers.

It seemed to waken all the room into new vibrations of life.

He went closer to her, trying to waken her passion by the strength of his.

It would be a pity if all the babies were to waken thirsty and kick each other.

I dreamed night after night about it, and I used to waken just wild to run back.

I remember you rubbed your nose with your little fist, but you did not waken.

I waken in the morning with a secret pleasure at beholding the light.

Will it waken them if I––clean up a little before I go to bed?