Wakens [verb]

Definition of Wakens:

stop sleeping

Synonyms of Wakens:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wakens:

Sentence/Example of Wakens:

The painter is moved by some sweep of landscape; it wakens in him an emotion.

Take it into the boy's room and open it if he wakens during the night.

He is the teacher who shows where power exists: he is the leader who wakens and forms it.

This, in a way, wakens her to life, but she will not marry him; and he goes away for years.

It wakens or warns, threatens or gladdens, and woos him back to slumberland.

Then to the nurse she turned, asking, “Will it be long before she wakens, Kathryn?”

One wakens and says, "What strange, or exciting, or delightful dreams I have had!"

Will you greet me as one who returns from a long journey, as one who wakens from a long dream?

Even the earth he stands on wakens in him a mood of seriousness.

It is ready to leap into growth the moment the warm rain of spring wakens it.