Wale [noun]

Definition of Wale:

rib of fabric

Synonyms of Wale:











Opposite/Antonyms of Wale:


Sentence/Example of Wale:

Vertical staving was used to carry the wale around the stern.

Wale put the lid on in case his employer might hear any more of his sentiments.

With two weavers of blue and one of natural, weave two rows of Wale.

That chap that disna speak is ane o' the wale o' the Ha's: I ken him weel for a' his half visor.

Neea whaar sooa far south, Mrs. Wale, ma'am; but ma father was off times down thar cuttin' peat.

His business was to wale dismal, and bow his head down, the band (a barrel organ and a wiolin) playin slow and melancholly moosic.

Armstrong fell back, against the bench, perfectly livid, with the wale of the blow standing out red and distinct across his cheek.

Mr. Quintus Slide, when he was really anxious to use his thong earnestly, could generally raise a wale.

Mind thy latter end, Paul, and reverence the old, without axing what they has been before they passed into the wale of years.

The weather is cruel, but the place 323 is, as I dare say you know, the very “wale” of Scotland—bar Tummelside.