Walked [verb]

Definition of Walked:

move along on foot

Synonyms of Walked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Walked:







Sentence/Example of Walked:

Percival had walked the floor in deep attention to the old man's words.

Sorely distressed, he walked back to his lodgings in Thirty-second Street.

He walked, indeed, with a step of amazing springiness for a man of his years.

They walked rapidly to the station, but too late, of course, for the train.

Accordingly he walked up boldly to the door, and rang the bell.

As they walked single-file through the narrowing of a drift, she wondered about him.

He described himself briefly as a lunatic, and walked on again.

When you thought of Kate, you remembered precisely how she sat, how she stood, and how she walked.

She saw with amazement, and walked on quickly that Harry might not also see.

He walked home with Hester Paine last evening from the writing school.