Walkers [noun]

Definition of Walkers:

person who travels by foot

Synonyms of Walkers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Walkers:


Sentence/Example of Walkers:

"He'll be all right when he gets used to you," Miss Walker said.

He had been in love with this Walker woman, and Prissie had known it.

"Alice may come in blindfolded if you like," said Miss Walker.

For my part, I say that my eyes followed him as you may follow a walker on a tight-wire.

The walker in the ways of St. Augustine—in his early ways, I think.

Then he interrogated Mrs. Walker as to his brother's condition.

Perhaps the ladies there did not know as much of his habits as did Mrs. Walker at Scumberg's.

Walker paid no attention to them, but simply passed them and continued on the way.

This I gave to Mr. Walker, and could not understand why he laughed so heartily at it.

It was Mr. Walker who first accosted me and said, "If you will go with me, I will take you for 50c."