Walkway [noun]

Definition of Walkway:

covered way

Synonyms of Walkway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Walkway:


Sentence/Example of Walkway:

"See—over there on the walkway toward the play area," his wife said.

"You can't just stand here and block the walkway," the tall man said.

"What is your denomination," she asked when they went down the walkway to the road.

"See—over there on the walkway toward the play area," she said.

There was a walkway in the center of the street with room for a multitude.

He felt the rigidity of paralysis leaving his arms as he was lifted, helped along the walkway to a security car.

The bellman pushed a stud on the walkway rail and a gate swung open.

He backed up to the rail that lined the walkway and pulled himself upright.

Sore and shaken, he moved on down the walkway, his search now intensified by the need for wetness to soothe his injured flesh.

He heaved himself over the edge onto the walkway with difficulty, and got slowly to his feet.