Walled [adjective]

Definition of Walled:


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Sentence/Example of Walled:

She would have a good cook-stove, and the great fireplace should be walled up.

They were permitted to hold their meetings outside the walled towns.

In the end, when she had divided it all, she retired to a convent of Carmelites, walled off from the world.

And up in the pines he constructed a 200 platform, which he walled and covered with boughs.

In her mind it had been walled up ever since the hour of Macquart's death.

We were walled up by blocks of rock in the heart of a mountain.

Beyond the town they were brought by their guide to a walled garden, and halted at a gateway.

Only for him the girl would have been walled round by her love for Pete.

But Csar's emotions were walled in by his pietistical views.

Down the middle of the guitar there is a walled enclosure of the shape of a banjo.