Wallets [noun]

Definition of Wallets:


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Sentence/Example of Wallets:

Into the breast pocket of his coat he dived and brought up a wallet.

"About fifty dollars, I think," said the travelling man, fumbling for his wallet.

He was in rags, and carried the usual beggar's wallet for food or alms.

He took a card from his wallet and laid the torn bit of pasteboard upon it.

When the giants were out of sight, Sharvan took Pinkeen out of his wallet.

Two of the volunteers seized him and took the envelope from his wallet.

Rollo then recollected that he had his ticket in his wallet.

So he refused the Colonel's offer, and put the card safely away in his wallet.

Drawing out a wallet, he opened it and handed to the other the missive in question.

He restored General Kelly's letter and the accompanying slip to his wallet.