Wallop [noun]

Definition of Wallop:

strong hit

Synonyms of Wallop:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wallop:


Sentence/Example of Wallop:

Wallop, however, (that is the man's name,) had no doubt about the matter.

I wonder if Bert's had anything to eat since he got the wallop on the coco?

But that wallop, hard as it was, had been delivered accidentally.

From their retreats they like to sally forth at intervals and have a wallop at our fellows.

Crow and Wallop stopped short in the middle of their exclamation.

I was certain it was not out of pure love for me or pity for Wallop.

He knew it, too, and for that very reason paid my debt to Wallop.

I demanded of Wallop, as soon as I could find words to express myself.

Wallop appeared at the door in answer to the bell, and was told he was not wanted.

He resented the smokiness, but hated to wallop him; there was so little to wallop.