Wallpaper [verb]

Definition of Wallpaper:

line with material

Synonyms of Wallpaper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wallpaper:



Sentence/Example of Wallpaper:

It never does to have it all perfect––to the last detail of the wallpaper designs.

In the absence of art patrons, wallpaper was his only excuse for continuing as an artist.

The Essay continued with a criticism of the current taste in wallpaper.

A break in the wallpaper showed that there was a small door here.

Have you ever admired the pretty patterns on wallpaper of flowers and green leaves?

The very pattern of the wallpaper was formed of holes and patches of damp.

And the more I looked at that wallpaper the more I felt certain of it.

The wallpaper peeled off here and there, but that shows it was shabby and ready for death.

“Get a better house,” said Miriam, regarding the wallpaper pattern.

Five minutes or I'll have your flabby hides hung like wallpaper in my room.