Walls [noun]

Definition of Walls:

obstruction, divider

Synonyms of Walls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Walls:

Sentence/Example of Walls:

Atropos has decreed that I at least shall never again enter her walls.

The walls are hung with blue Florentine silk, embossed in silver.

The walls were done in white with a faint blue and silver stripe.

Tulips are opening their variegated cups, and daffodils line the walls.

It is now a mere platform, with the walls running up on two sides only.

The gates stand open, and there are three thousand of them within the walls.

On the walls were hung some pieces of tapestry, where there were not bookcases.

Others, in despair, flung themselves from the walls, and for the most part perished.

They caught the Indian carriers, who were just easing their loads under the walls.

In every direction the view is restricted or terminated by walls of rock.