Waltzed [verb]

Definition of Waltzed:

change back and forth

Synonyms of Waltzed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Waltzed:

Sentence/Example of Waltzed:

We never stopped for clothes, but waltzed up the ladder just so.

I opened it by dancing a quadrille with Flavia: then I waltzed with her.

He waltzed her away from the desk, to the middle of the living room.

I did dance with her, I own, not to seem uncivil; but we only waltzed round twice.

But at last the right one came, and waltzed off with the girl triumphantly.

Each speciality hugged its bit of knowledge and waltzed it round and round.

He waltzed all around what he was trying to say, but that may have been just native caution.

You did perfectly right; I should have been much hurt if you had waltzed with any man.

His eyes fell; on the next turn, he waltzed Kate back to her seat.

He waltzed admirably; erect as under his Field-Marshal's eye.