Wan [adjective]

Definition of Wan:

colorless, weak

Synonyms of Wan:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wan:

Sentence/Example of Wan:

"I wish you had brought in the tent, too," said the general with a wan smile.

"Miss Porter'll tell ye about this wan," said Mike, diplomatically.

There was a puzzled expression upon his wan, blood-streaked face.

He lifted a face so wan, so altered, that the doctor started.

The stars were wan, and the full moon shone over the fields.

For sure you're not the wan to let your ambition run away with your sinse.

"But there's wan thing Jim's got that no other wan of my b'ys has," she continued.

B'ys, I'd be proud to see any wan of you crawl on your knees to sarve the Gineral.

Hear to me now, Jim, and don't be the only wan of your father's b'ys I'll have to punish.

You'd be but a bad brother to stand by and see any wan strike little Andy.