Wanderers [noun]

Definition of Wanderers:

person who travels aimlessly

Synonyms of Wanderers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wanderers:


Sentence/Example of Wanderers:

The fields and wood-paths have as yet few charms to entice the wanderer.

Then, after a minute, "Edward, my son is a wanderer yet: do you still remember him?"

You'll be a stranger among your own folks, an' a wanderer on the earth; till you tell.

Looking down from her pagoda she saw a wanderer passing below.

She beckoned with her hand, but the wanderer did not look up.

He honored the Monk as his master, and thenceforward was known as the Wanderer.

Florent scarcely recognised in him the careless night wanderer of the markets.

The Wanderer's intense gaze held Bert speechless, hypnotized.

They were mechanical contrivances—the metal monsters of which the Wanderer had spoken.

"It was thus I left my loved ones," the Wanderer said hollowly.