Wanderlust [noun]

Definition of Wanderlust:


Synonyms of Wanderlust:

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Sentence/Example of Wanderlust:

We found every place splendid in those weeks as we let the wanderlust carry us on.

Perhaps a trip like this would have satisfied his wanderlust.

He fell silent and trudged on beside her, the wanderlust in his eyes.

She's the party with the wilful disposition and the late case of wanderlust.

The old French Aydelot blood had something of the wanderlust in it.

Surely the wanderlust, the love of the primitive, had gotten into his blood!

He had seen many lands, and his Wanderlust demanded novelty.

For years I was a helpless victim of the whims of the Wanderlust.

Is this sudden 'wanderlust' the outcome of collecting all those nickels?

"One does seem to have been seized with a wanderlust," cried Nan.