Wanted [adjective]

Definition of Wanted:


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Sentence/Example of Wanted:

"I just wanted to be sure you were all right," said Percival, greatly relieved.

"I wanted to be revenged on the boy, and now I know how," he said.

"There is one other matter I wanted to speak to you about, Mr. Paine," he said.

He wanted Avice Milbrey,—wanted her with an intensity as unreasoning as it was resistless.

I wanted you to see the last of that town under a cloud, so you might not be homesick so soon.

He wanted to use the old city as a background for his own newly-acquired glory.

They were much amused at my watch ticking, and all wanted to put their ears to hear it.

I just came because I heard about Harlowe House and wanted to go to college.

But I was proposing--I wanted to deed that piece of marsh to you boys!

They wanted me to be shackled: for early did they doubt my morals, as to the sex.