Wants [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Wants:

The mis-a-blest folks I've ever saw was them that had killed all their wants by overfeedin' 'em.

Now he was active, acutely aware of himself and all his wants.

He wants to know what mysteries this mountain hides from his eyes.

But I used then to say, and I still am of opinion, that he wants a heart: and if he does, he wants every thing.

It's nice to be so tired, and to know one can sleep as long as one wants.

He loves you too, and only wants you to ask him to help you.

It isn't a bad break, he says, and Mark wants to keep his place.

They shield him, too; nobody who wants to reach their hearts must blame him.

Here's another of the neighbors who wants to see how you look.

"It'll buy the old lady what she wants for the house, anyhow," he said.