Warbling [verb]

Definition of Warbling:


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Sentence/Example of Warbling:

Very soon I heard a low, warbling sound which seemed quite near.

Above him all the birds were warbling their morning song up into the blue sky.

And whilst she was warbling the door of the salle opened and in walked Laurent.

The swans are warbling your name and so are half a dozen pesky Yankee Parrotts.

It must be near to her: it was warbling there, perhaps she could grasp it with her hand.

There's a warbling waggoner in it, and his team jingling their bells.

They are warbling words to music, but they are not singing, for the meaning is not there.

It was as if an angel had come to earth, and were warbling the airs of paradise.

Since it was Toners it would be the fathers side; not the warbling mothers.

But over all rang the warbling and chattering of birds, from out the forest shade.