Wardrobes [noun]

Definition of Wardrobes:

clothes or furniture for storing clothes

Synonyms of Wardrobes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wardrobes:


Sentence/Example of Wardrobes:

Mechanically she took from the wardrobe a hooded cloak, put it about her, and left the room.

Every rag of raiment that man has on he stole from my husband's wardrobe at the Hall.

And there on the wardrobe shelves they lay throughout her visit.

We found the Regent dressing in the vault he used as his wardrobe.

They only kept a candle alight, standing on the ground behind the wardrobe.

The extent of his wardrobe was in keeping with the size of his salary.

Your majesty need only, like me, carry all your wardrobe on your back.

Lady Drummond had ever since been preparing her little daughter and her wardrobe.

They had nothing in the world but their handsome house, furniture and wardrobe.

And my sister, who was always good-natured, carried me off to ransack her wardrobe.