Wares [noun]

Definition of Wares:

merchandise for sale

Synonyms of Wares:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wares:


Sentence/Example of Wares:

Do you mean to say you would hand it over to a ‘teck’ if one came to ask you for your wares?

But how to maintain himself and his family until the wares were made and ready for sale?

He was now able to sell his wares and thereby maintain his family in comfort.

She sold her wares to good advantage, and she knew she had done so.

I speak darkly, but I will also try to exhibit my wares in the light of day.

We believe so fast that he need hardly do more than open his mouth to cry his wares.

Here is a curious example of his wares, from one of his catalogues dated 1726.

To such, an appearance of age is no doubt indispensable in their wares.

“Citizen Picquot sees his money before he sells his wares,” said the other.

In other places he cried his wares, and reached Nona again in the heats of July.