Warheads [noun]

Definition of Warheads:

front heat shield

Synonyms of Warheads:

Opposite/Antonyms of Warheads:


Sentence/Example of Warheads:

Its irregularity weighed against its containing the warhead.

Had the enemy camouflaged the warhead so that it looked like a section of the missile's skin?

Moving the lever, he caused the cross hairs to center on the warhead.

He decided that the most likely event was that the warhead was hidden by one of the other fragments.

"Warhead due in less than four minutes," he called into his mike.

Would he have had the courage to drive the satelloid into the warhead?

"Going to be close but we'll make it," Crag said, thinking of the warhead.

To a radar set on the ground near the target, each fragment was indistinguishable from the nose cone carrying the warhead.

No ground-controlled intercept scheme had any hope of selecting the warhead from among that deceptive cloud and destroying it.

The only remaining possibility, then, was that the warhead was being hidden from him by the jammer itself.