Warhorse [adjective]

Definition of Warhorse:

able, skillful

Synonyms of Warhorse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Warhorse:

Sentence/Example of Warhorse:

That act of justice ended, Henry mounted his warhorse and rode in at the gates.

The flash of a fork appeals to him like the sound of a trumpet to the warhorse.

They formed together on the shore, each armed upon his warhorse.

For was not Oliver, the earl's noble Spanish warhorse, in the castle?

This was for the heroic Mother Duchesne like the blast of a trumpet for a warhorse.

William sat on his warhorse, and called out Rogier, whom they call de Montgomeri.

Peoples come miles ter see Ranger fight; he wuz a Warhorse Game.

And near her was a knight upon a warhorse of large size, with heavy and bright armour both upon himself and upon his horse.

A Dog of Knowledge has free utterance; but the Warhorse is almost mute, very far from free!

The old Garibaldian threw up his head like a warhorse at the call of battle, and his rickety limbs were going towards the door.