Wariness [noun]

Definition of Wariness:


Synonyms of Wariness:

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Sentence/Example of Wariness:

But on his side also he entered upon the duel with all caution and wariness.

Then her face settled into an astonished yet astute calm and wariness.

He was caught, for certain: nevertheless, his wariness did not desert him.

With the wariness was something like question, and almost disbelief.

With all his wariness and calculation he measured the Major's figure.

But the other still exuded a wariness, a wariness mixed with surprise.

This wariness and reserve does not, as a rule, amount to churlishness.

Such prudence and wariness were hardly to be expected from his age.

Just the wariness he would have felt toward a very large crocodile.

His foe watched the wariness settle upon him by the narrowing of his eyes.