Warlike [adjective]

Definition of Warlike:

hostile, battling

Opposite/Antonyms of Warlike:

Sentence/Example of Warlike:

He was so far away now that no warlike sound could reach him.

The Yorubas are a warlike Mohammedan tribe living in and around Lagos.

Decidedly, his misfortunes are developing a warlike spirit within him.

Hast thou heard what Cadreith sang, The son of Porthawr, with the warlike speech?

Simple souls are troubled with a warlike desire for evidence of immortality.

Was it because I wanted to “follow to the field some warlike lord?”

The Pequots were by far the most powerful and warlike among them.

As I live, she is a kinswoman that such a warlike prince might well be proud of.

The king himself was a tall and warlike figure, in the prime of life.

We collected wanderers of a warlike race and came here to fight again.