Warmish [adjective]

Definition of Warmish:

slightly heated

Synonyms of Warmish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Warmish:

Sentence/Example of Warmish:

Theer's a warmish bit afore us, and it's well to have summat to work on.

Yer knew the business was likely ter be warmish, fer Jacob had as good as said so.

She has so much hair it makes her head look small, a sort of light chestnut, with warmish streaks in it.

The paper should be rinsed in cold water, as warmish water will cause air-bells instead of preventing them.

It was then June, and we had snow on the hills, though the weather below was warmish.

They can be kept in a shallow pan, and if the water is warmish and they are left undisturbed for a time, they will move about.

But there had been a mother to his father: odd movements of a warmish curiosity brushed him when the cynic was not mounting guard.

Carhart dismounted, felt the pulse of the young man, and then bathed his temples with the warmish water.

These Dons have given you and the youngster a warmish time, and have roused you into a temper.

It was a warmish night, with a kind of damp smell exhaling from the shrubs and hedges.