Warmly [adverb]

Definition of Warmly:


Synonyms of Warmly:

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Sentence/Example of Warmly:

"But I tell you she isn't right," insisted Percival, warmly.

"I shall never think ill of you, Robert," said Hester, warmly.

This announcement by the Foreign Secretary was warmly applauded by the House.

"That is enough for the present," returned Hester, shaking hands with him warmly.

Then tell me frankly—did I, just now, speak too much or too warmly?

He bowed ceremoniously to Mr. Stewart, and then took him warmly by the hand.

The proposal was warmly seconded by the children, and agreed to by every one.

Warmly discourages Miss Howe's motion to accompany her in her flight.

Warner and Pennington sprang from their horses and greeted Dick warmly.

He thrust a large hand from the cover, and Dick shook it warmly.