Warns [verb]

Definition of Warns:

give notice of possible occurrence

Opposite/Antonyms of Warns:

Sentence/Example of Warns:

Daylight is appearing, and warns us that we must be on the move again.

I say this to Seraphine when she warns me that I must not go to Roberta's party.

"I—I'm afraid you would find him rather a lively armful just now," warns Vee.

The army of flies buzzing about them warns you against their use.

And women have an instinct that warns them not to be too lavish.

He is about to shoot it when it warns him to desist, or it will cost him his life.

Further on the Bishop warns his readers that everything can be abused.

As they try to enter, he warns them away with the cry of "smallpox."

She warns him away, saying that her father is armed to repulse his presence.

I quoted to him the proverb which warns us to let sleeping dogs lie.