Warping [verb]

Definition of Warping:

bend, distort

Synonyms of Warping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Warping:

Sentence/Example of Warping:

It is not affected by moisture and it is therefore not so liable to warp and lose its shape.

Of this warp and woof have all the strange patterns of Spanish life been woven.

And as a shuttle separates the warp from the woof, so a name distinguishes the natures of things.

As in a web the warp is stronger than the woof, so should the rulers be stronger than their half-educated subjects.

That helplessness, which I felt rather than saw, wove into the warp of my love.

There was a pot full of the drop-fish, and every man ate his warp of herring.

It is through the very nobility of it that this warp has come into his nature.

She looks to it that warp and woof are wrought with speed and beauty.

A warp was passed down to the boat and made fast in her stern.

The warp was paid out for awhile and then made fast on board the steamer.