Warranted [adjective]

Definition of Warranted:

authorized; justified

Synonyms of Warranted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Warranted:

Sentence/Example of Warranted:

All this warranted my boy in being proud of his name, and, so to speak, living up to it.

Even sheer, fine handkerchiefs, warranted every thread linen!

You may have been warranted; you may not have been; I can't say.

They couldn't be warranted sound: but then, as Tony said, what horse could?

“Whether you were warranted or not is, of course, another matter,” said Nasmyth.

What might not an angry brother, in such a case, be warranted in doing?

And the sense of security, even the most warranted, is a bad councillor.

What I had seen of her at the time of her fall warranted my curiosity.

If he has, it was drawn from him by such means, that I am not warranted to say it in direct words.

Yes, but they threw in a cook with it: she was warranted to stay two years!