Warring [adjective]

Definition of Warring:

at war

Synonyms of Warring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Warring:


Sentence/Example of Warring:

But for the quality of Giovanni's head-piece of a truth there had been an end to the warring of a Fool.

It was the signal; like warring currents of the sea the two forces clashed.

His soul is the battle ground of the warring angels of good and evil.

As these lines are written we are still at peace with all the warring nations.

I want to get these warring elements together, under one roof.

For, if we are warring with the devil we are at peace with God; and if we are at peace with the devil we are warring with God.

Neither one of the warring nations had expressed any desire for peace.

His efforts were seconded by the opportune death of one of the warring chiefs.

The wind whistled as if all the spirits of Ocean were warring with each other furiously.

I came not warring here for any ill the Trojans had done me.