Warrior [noun]

Definition of Warrior:

person who fights in combat

Synonyms of Warrior:

Opposite/Antonyms of Warrior:


Sentence/Example of Warrior:

Nor had I ever before seen a soldier who seemed to my boyish eyes so like what a warrior should be.

Just then a warrior forced his way into the exasperated crowd.

The sight of a coward's blood can never make a warrior tremble.

Not so; a warrior known to the Yengeese, and feared by the Maquas.

The Manitou had need of such a warrior, and He has called him away.

He was the warrior and hunter, and she did most of the labor, in both the house and the field.

It is not merely necessary that the general should be great as a warrior but also as a man of business.

Then the warrior was ware of that wolf-of-the-deep, mere-wife monstrous.

Spent with struggle, stumbled the warrior, fiercest of fighting-men, fell adown.

In France, he is laughed at as a boaster, but not trusted as a warrior.