Was [verb]

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I could not make out what it was, for the wind-was rustling the corn-shocks, but I arose and feigned to listen.

Mr. Newdegate was a hard-mouthed witness, but he-was saddled, bridled, and ridden to the winning-post.

Everything else-even endowments given by private persons a few years before the Act was passed-was swept away.

Burckhardt was on that 8:51 bus, every morning of every day-that-was-June-15th, never different by a hair or a moment.

He is a most capable and felicitous talker-was born for an orator, I think.

This poem was-201- just then making a great stir and on this special evening had been the subject of much discussion.

He was-pitting himself against the world, and he would back himself on the issue.

In the long vacation of 1839 I began to study the history of the Monophysites, and was-absorbed in the doctrinal question.

Not a leaf was-left, except five that stood on a little twig down by the ground and really had no business to be there at all.

Almost she looked then to see the friend-who-was-to-be coming toward her with miraculous recognition in her eyes.