Washbasin [noun]

Definition of Washbasin:

container or area where water is held

Synonyms of Washbasin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Washbasin:

Sentence/Example of Washbasin:

She's bought him a washbasin with a rim of puppies, and a red stocking cap.

One evening I stepped to the door to throw out a washbasin of water and saw a large dog standing there.

There was a bed in it of excellent quality, a chair and one very rickety table furnished with jug and washbasin—no more.

He got up, went to the washbasin and sopped a towel, which he bound about his head and lay down again—no relief.

Be it remembered that the sahib's shirts are correctly enumerated, and that there is an extra piece of soap in his washbasin.

A moment later, he heard a faint gurgling sound, as though something were being poured down the washbasin drain.

The flushed youth who had rashly claimed Mary Hope as his girl was outside with a washbasin trying to stop his nose from bleeding.

Gladys stood in her tent under the big murmuring pine tree washing handkerchiefs in her washbasin.

She went to a table on which stood the washbasin a pitcher of water, soap and a comb and brush.

A piece of wire formed into the shape shown in the sketch makes a handy hook to hold a washbasin when it is not in use.