Washing [adjective]

Definition of Washing:


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Sentence/Example of Washing:

If there is any washing necessary, he is content to do it after the meal.

They want to get into the garage; they insist on washing the car.

It was washing all the color out of the picture, and leaving it a dirty gray.

I will do the washing this time, mother, for it is the greatest of delights to me.

When I went there, the place was full of people who would have been much better for a washing.

He turned with a resolute air to Kitty who was washing the tea-dishes.

Thomas spent one whole summer washing every likely spot around here.

The boy treated me like his own grandmother, and did not shrink from washing me when I was dirty.

Stay at home to-day, Moggs, can't you, while I do the washing?

This is the most rapid method of washing dirt, but also the most dangerous.