Washout [noun]

Definition of Washout:


Synonyms of Washout:

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Sentence/Example of Washout:

Just for an instant the word “washout” flashed through his mind.

He knew the spring rains with their awesome powers of washout and flood.

Then we fastened a tin bucket to a pole and fished the washout.

When the washout bowl was introduced it was considered perfection.

With one last look at the washout, they turned and began climbing the grade.

But Gladys knew the reason now, for she had seen the washout.

One day one of the students came up to him for washout check.

This filling and repairing looks like the washout might have been true.

An attack that fails is a "washout," for not all attacks succeed.

I dare say it'll be a washout, but houses are scarce nowadays.