Washy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Washy:

They will not add to its goodness, but only render it flat and washy.

Our own "Washy" was an author, too, and one not to be sneezed at.

Well, my countrymen, our Washy is dead, but we appreciate him now just the same.

No carpet is satisfactory which is "washy" or faded in appearance.

That washy drawing-room tea will give me the wind if I leave it on my stomach.

It is no compliment to give her green tea that is weak and washy.

Wishy, perhaps, but from what we see of their pictures in the papers, not washy.

I have heard long-winded orators spout over my head in emulation of my craft, "in one weak, washy, everlasting flood."

The first effect of the Washy revelations on Mr. McCall had been merely to stun him.

If covered up, the condensation of the steam will render the hominy thin and washy.