Wastage [noun]

Definition of Wastage:

spending, use without thought

Opposite/Antonyms of Wastage:

Sentence/Example of Wastage:

All the wastage of meat, such as the frozen chips, belonged to the dog that found it.

It may be only a further development of the sin of woman, the wastage of her womanhood.

I do not know; but even this is better than the wastage of the mother-force in life.

There was no wastage and the pipes connecting the tanks were in good condition.

The wastage from the three mentioned was not uniform, but it was constant.

It would be necessary, therefore, to ascend to the sack, and stop the wastage at once.

And we of the Sixth Regiment were to make good the "wastage of war."

Some allowance for wastage would necessarily have to be made.

The wastage of teachers could only be met by making the career more attractive.

Farmers feared foreclosure and the wastage of their life efforts.