Wastebasket [noun]

Definition of Wastebasket:

container for disposal, storage

Synonyms of Wastebasket:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wastebasket:


Sentence/Example of Wastebasket:

"Oh, here's your handkerchief," she said quietly, taking it from the bottom of her wastebasket.

These might readily have been consigned to the depths of the wastebasket unopened, unread.

Daniel knocked the ashes from his pipe into the wastebasket.

I rummaged in the wastebasket and uncrumpled the morning's facsimile newspaper.

Years ago I must have laughed at it, when I threw my only copy into the wastebasket.

Patty hastily intercepted its course and dropped it into the wastebasket.

Presented to a Virginia girl, it was indignantly tossed into the wastebasket.

Let my brain go into the wastebasket for the sake of an hour or so of exhilaration?

Lindsay stuck the card in his wallet, returned the box to the wastebasket.

Nort fidgeted around the press, emptied the wastebasket, looked at his watch.