Wasted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Wasted:

Why, we wasted enough from breakfast to feed a small family.

I've wasted nearly three hours here now, dilly-dallying along.

But whether it was the food she gave him or what, 'e was that wasted you wouldn't have known him.

These matters did not interest the searcher in the slightest; they only wasted his precious time.

But he had nothing to show for the time he had spent or the money he had wasted.

And to think that Rachel and I wasted our time trying to convert him!

Night will be wasted, and day bring upon you the Christian army.

He was so wasted, that it seemed as if his bones would rattle when they moved him.

False hopes had wasted a good half day and innumerable foot-pounds.

What mean these two days wasted at Axminster at a time when every hour is of import?