Wasteful [adjective]

Definition of Wasteful:

not economical

Synonyms of Wasteful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wasteful:

Sentence/Example of Wasteful:

Wasteful, too, this cooking of food for two and only one to eat it.

In fact, her mind had never been overwhelmed by a wasteful torrent of learning.

The openings of the war were gloomy and wasteful, without glory.

And of all means to regeneration Remorse is surely the most wasteful.

From our standpoint they may have been wasteful methods, but they did get results.

He finished his plate only because he had been taught that to leave food over was wasteful.

It is wasteful of ones time to frame them, and fatal to ones work to adopt them.

This period brought an increase of wealth, but it was wasteful of human life.

He would like to have no wasteful margins and no extreme in the size of type.

Careless, slovenly and wasteful as I knew him to be, he was not mean.