Wastefulness [noun]

Definition of Wastefulness:


Opposite/Antonyms of Wastefulness:

Sentence/Example of Wastefulness:

Wastefulness, profligacy, or favoritism in public expenditures is criminal.

Great was the outcry at this wastefulness, on the part of some of the tax payers.

Ellen stopped him again by laughing at his wastefulness; and so they came to the wood.

Its use avoids the wastefulness of the trial-and-error method.

It shows itself in many habits of recklessness, wastefulness, and untidiness.

These are true definitions of the duty of frugality and the sin of wastefulness.

Without this, it is idle to prate about the wastefulness of slaves.

Perhaps a careless observer might charge him with prodigality and wastefulness.

The American spirit of wastefulness should not run riot as it had in times past.

Walter was cut to the quick by the accusation of wastefulness and prodigality.